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Renewable Energy Insulation

JML are pleased to offer Linzmeiers LITEC product in conjunction with their high quality, highly engineered, yet affordable insulation.


The sun supplies energy, free of charge, environmentally-friendly, even with cloudy skies. So why not make use of a large roof area? LINZMEIER pursued this idea and combined their thermally insulated elements with power generating, flexible roof sheeting.


Their patented system effectively uses the light spectrum even if the roof surfaces are not optimally pitched or aligned so that power is generated in any daylight conditions.


In short, a roofing technology utilising photovoltaic modules is on the market and is set to become a firm contender among advanced energy concepts – not only in residential, but also in commercial and industrial construction.


The LITEC energy roof unites all functions of a good roof. It neither requires a substructure nor an additional roof covering, for example by means of tiles or a standing seam roof. It is suitable for all gabled and monopitch roofs. The perfect composite structure of the roof elements fulfils all structural physical requirements on a modern roof. The regulations of the Renewable Energy Law (EEG) are adhered to without additional measures having to be taken. The prefabricated roof elements are tailor-made for each building and only need to be installed, welded and connected. All cables and connections are laid up to the edge of the roof elements.


The energy roof data of

the illustrated building

Alignment: North

Roof pitch: 10°

Area: 111.6 m2

Output: 45 WP /m2

Yield: 3.934 kWh/a


The LITEC energy roof is highly insulated with PUR/PIR rigid foam. Summer heat cannot penetrate into the building and the heat remains in the house during the cold season.

At the same time, the high-performance insulation material enables slim construction, as it provides excellent insulating values at low construction heights. Thus, the individual elements in the overall structure– with plywood panel as top and bottom layers and the solar roof sheeting – are only 315 mm to 355 mm thick and achieve a first-class U-value of 0.16 W/(m2K) to 0.13 W/(m2K). Each of the roofing elements is prefabricated, the length depends on the respective building dimensions and can measure up to 13 metres. If necessary, the LITEC energy roof bridges large widths and is suitable for almost any architectural design.


The solar sheet permanently protects the building from rain, wind and weather.

Thanks to the integrated, flexible photovoltaic modules, it is also capable of generating electrical energy from sunlight – with minimum effort. This power-generating roof cladding ensures high yields, even more than the usual crystalline solar cells with the same rate capacity when aligned in the same direction. Triplejunction thin film technology makes perfect use of the light spectrum – a technology that has proven itself in practice since 1999. Since this time, it has reached higher levels of efficiency.


Insulation core: PUR/PIR rigid foam according to DIN EN 13165, building material class B2, application type PUR 026 WH, density approx. 33 kg/m3 clad on both sides with mineral fleece Outer surfaces: plywood panel inside, thickness 22 mm plastic roof sheeting outside, with integrated photovoltaic modules.


Please observe: individual parts prefabricated according to construction kit plan including wooden construction elements Length: max. 13,000 mm, acc. to building dimensions Width: optimised to building dimensions, max. 2,878 mm Output: approx. 45 Wp/m2


Elements thickness mm €/construction kit without VAT

315 mm U-value 0.16 W/(m2K) Price upon request

335 mm U-value 0.14 W/(m2K) Price upon request

355 mm U-value 0.13 W/(m2K) Price upon request

Static calculations at cost.

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