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VM ZINC Rainwater System

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VM ZINC offer complete rainwater system to match their Natural, Quartz and Anthra Zinc finishes. Known as RWS D and RWS P, the two systems are aimed at different building types, sizes and skill sets and are available in half round and box section. RWS P is also available in OGEE Profile.


RWS D is specifically designed for the Domestic Market. This covers anything from a small extension to a medium / large sized house. The system is designed to be easy to install requiring minimal experience. The gutter joints, corners and running outlets simply bond together using a glue specially designed for VM ZINC and their system. RWD D is also known as PLULINE D or 250D. Gutter size 120mm with downpipes at 80mm. Gutter bracket spacing 400mm to ensure the system copes with potential snow loading / Downpipe brackets 1 per metre.


RWS P 333 is aimed at large housing with large high pitched roofing and also small commercial buildings. Being a large gutter and downpipe combination the system is better equipped to handle high quantities of rainwater run off at a much higher speed than RWS D ensuring effective clearance of the roof. RWS P 333, also known as 333 Half Round or 333 Box Gutter are 153mm diameter and  120mm wide respectively in section with downpipes at 100mm. All brackets and clips are far stronger to cope with the weight and snow loads. Gutter bracket spacing 400mm / Downpipe brackets 1 per metre. The system requires a higher skill set for installation as all gutter joints, corners and running outlets need to be soldered.


Further to the 250D and 333P, VMZINC also offer the 400P gutter for large commercial buildings. Like the 333P, this system also requires soldering at joints. Downpipes are also possible in 120mm for this system.


When selecting any gutter system, the height and pitch of a roof affects the total area and speed and quantity of rainwater run off. Rainwater calculations can be carried out to ensure that the gutter specified will cope with run off in the worst possible conditions. If you are unsure which size gutter best suits your building requirements, please contact us with full dimensions of the roof area along with roof pitch/slope and project location.


Downpipes and bends for all systems have male and female sockets allowing quick install without the requirement for glue or solder.


JML HM hold extensive stocks of each system to ensure project deadlines are met. For items not in stock a 2/3 week lead time should be expected. Please see the full VMZINC RWS Catalogue and installation manual for further information on all systems.

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